What will the taxes be used for?
25% of the collected sales tax revenues remains within the General Fund. The 2016 operating budget included a 2 mill levy reduction. The City of Goddard has a mill levy of 31.164.

75% of the revenues is used to fund infrastructure for projects such as new park and walking/bike trails on the north side of Kellogg, park improvements on the south side of Kellogg, road improvements throughout town including the full reconstruction of Walnut Street, and the eventual rehab of existing roads south of Kellogg, and storm water projects to prevent flooding.2013 Ad Valorem Tax Levies

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1. Why did the City decide to implement a sales tax?
2. What will the taxes be used for?
3. How will I know what the money is being spent on?
4. Who can I talk to about the sales tax?
5. What is the City’s current sales tax rate?