Current Projects

The Public Works Department will post information below about current and upcoming projects that may impact or inconvenience residents and business owners. 

Whenever water service is turned off for repair work, it is possible that air pockets or sediment may fill the lines. When water service is restored, we encourage you to use your bathtub, if possible, the first time you turn the water on. Please let the water run for a couple of minutes to purge the line.

Water Line Repair/Temporary Loss of Service

Location: Pine St. & 3rd Ave

Start Date: Thursday, January 10th

Status: In Progress

On Thursday, January 10th, the City of Goddard Public Works Department will repair a water leak under the road near 401 N. Pine St.

In order to complete this repair, Pine St. (between 3rd Ave. and Oak St. Elementary) will be closed from 9 AM to 3 PM to all vehicular traffic.The home at 224 W 3rd Ave. will be without water service for up to 90 minutes during this six-hour window. We have consulted with Oak St. Elementary to ensure that morning and afternoon bus traffic is not impacted in any way.

Status Update: The repair was successful and completed without any issues. Aggregate material has been placed into hole and compacted. During spring asphalt area will be re-patched and project formally completed (2/7/2019)

Water Line Repair/Temporary Loss of Service

Location: 130 South St.

Start Date: Monday, January 14th

Status: Completed

On Monday, January 14th, the Public Works Department is scheduled to repair a service line water leak at 130 South St. Work is scheduled to begin in the early afternoon. In order to complete these type of repairs, residents will typically lose water service for approximately 30 minutes after the hole has been excavated.

Please be advised that due to space limitations and location of infrastructure, city vehicles may partially block roads and driveways.

Water Line Repair/Temporary Loss of Service

Location: Water Tower Complex & Walnut St.

Start Date: Tuesday, January 15th

Status: Completed

On Tuesday, January 15th, the Public Works Department will be working on a water line between Walnut St. and Easy St. 

Completion of this project requires turning off water service to all customers near the water tower complex (e.g. Timmy Ct, Easy St. and 7th St.) and all customers on Walnut between Hwy 54 and 3rd Ave. Customers will be without water from approximately 9 AM to 1 PM.

Both dig sites on Easy St. and Walnut St. will be cordoned off with traffic barriers. Please do not park in this area between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM on Monday or Tuesday. In case there are unforeseen complications with the Tuesday project, our team will dig the holes in preparation for the repair on Monday morning. This will ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to minimize disruption to residents as much as possible.