Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan expresses a community’s desires about the future image of the community. It provides the foundation and framework for physical development and policy decisions in the future. It is used as a policy guide that identifies the community’s goals for directing future land use decisions. The Plan is used by property owners to identify where and how development should occur; by residents to understand what the city and county anticipates for future land uses within the community; and by the city, county and other public agencies to plan for future improvements to serve the growing population of the community. Specifically, the city and county use the Comprehensive Plan to evaluate development proposals; to coordinate development at the fringes of the county’s cities; to form the foundation for specific area plans; to project future service and facilities needs; and to meet the requirements for federal and state grant programs. The Comprehensive Plan allows the decision makers to look at the entire community and the effects of land use decisions on the community as a whole to determine whether individual proposals are consistent with the overall goals of the community.

2015 Goddard Comprehensive Plan