Business Development

The City of Goddard is one of the fastest growing cities in Kansas. The community doubled in population between the 2000 and 2010 Census, and the growth has continued throughout the current decade, with an average of 22 new homes built annually in the years since.

Goddard offers many progressive housing choices for new residents, including:
• Several bustling subdivisions offering both new starter homes and upper-scale models

• Traditional, established housing in the Old Town area

• A growing selection of senior residential options

The Goddard School District has a nationwide reputation for providing the best in education, and their innovative teaching methods benefit from state-of-the-art schools and equipment.

Growth Opportunities 

Both business and residential property owners enjoy one of the lowest city mill levy rates in the Wichita Metropolitan Area, and within this primed-for-growth corridor land is readily available for the development of new businesses, including restaurants, retail stores, hotels and more. Goddard’s industrial park also provides a place for manufacturing companies to grow and expand. 


Goddard offers unique opportunities for businesses looking to expand and/or develop. The City of Goddard is located in south-central Kansas, along the state’s southern-most major east-west corridor, U.S. 54/400, and nearly 18,000 vehicles pass through the community on a daily basis.

Additionally, Goddard is less than 10 minutes from Wichita’s Interstate 235 loop and from Eisenhower National Airport.

Goddard’s potential business client base includes nearly 35,000 residents within a 12-minute trade area, as well as residents of several other communities in western Sedgwick County and eastern Kingman County.

Distance to major national/regional cities

Goddard's location is extremely convenient for travel to and from Eisenhower National Airport, as well as to cities around the region and nation.

Distance to major cities:

• Downtown Wichita - 15 miles

• Topeka, Kansas - 150 miles

• Kansas City, Missouri - 211 miles

• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - 169 miles

• Tulsa, Oklahoma - 184 miles

• Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas - 372 miles

• St. Louis, Missouri - 453 miles

• Denver, Colorado - 533 miles

• Chicago, Illinois - 719 miles

Distance to regional hubs:

• Kingman, Kansas - 31 miles

• Hutchinson, Kansas - 44 miles

• Salina, Kansas - 102 miles

• Dodge City, Kansas - 141 miles

• Garden City, Kansas - 198 miles

• Liberal, Kansas - 198 miles


The residential growth in Goddard over the past 15 years has provided an excellent opportunity for emerging businesses and national chains alike to begin operations in Goddard. In recent years, the area has seen a new Walmart Supercenter, as well as a Kwik Shop Market Place (a new concept for Kroger). 

The area also soon will be home to the new Goddard Destination development, which is expected to prompt rapid additional growth and development.

It’s not just the big companies, either. New locally owned businesses have sprouted along Kellogg and in the Goddard Downtown Area, as well as the Goddard Industrial Park. 

The Goddard Trade Area can be classified in three primary market demographic classifications, according to Buxton Analytics, a national retail assessment firm: New Suburbia Families, Family Convenience and Small Town Success. For more information on those classifications and the types of businesses likely to thrive within the Goddard Trade area, please contact the City of Goddard at