Chamber Membership

Membership benefits include:
• Business referral services
• Community exposure
• Membership directory
• Networking opportunities
• Promotion and development
• Representation via the community's business voice

The following membership levels are available for 2018:

Platinum: The all-inclusive membership opportunity for large companies or businesses deeply committed to reinvestment in the Goddard community. Platinum memberships include more than $1,000 in added value via pre-paid sponsorships, putting your business’ name front and center at every major event hosted by the Goddard Chamber.  (Annual price: $2,000)

Gold: Our gold membership is ideal for mid-sized companies or small businesses committed to leading the way in both chamber and community investment. This membership includes all the classic perks of the Goddard Chamber of Commerce, including prominent placement at all chamber events, some of the first picks for opportunities to present or host, up to $250 in sponsorship discounts, annual mixer tickets, and more.
(Annual price: $1,000)

Silver: The perfect opportunity for a small business to make a big impact can be found at the Silver membership level. Silver Members receive enhanced listings in the Goddard Chamber business directory, additional social media exposure, and the opportunity to host quarterly evening mixers at their place of business. Additionally, new this year, members investing at the Silver level or above will have access to special B2B advertising and offers through the Goddard Chamber. (Annual price: $500)

Basic Business: Are you new to the Goddard Chamber or a small business just starting out? If so, the Basic Business Membership provides a budget-friendly opportunity to get a feel for what we are all about. Our basic business members are welcome to attend any and all chamber events. They also will be included in all chamber business listings, have the opportunity to have materials in our new resident welcome bags, and can receive referrals from the chamber. (Annual price: $150)

Ministry/Civic: Churches or service organizations with a 501(c)(3) designation can benefit from the same chamber networking opportunities and listings as Basic Business members, but at a designated non-profit rate. Documentation of 501(c)(3) status is requested at time of renewal application.
(Annual price: $75)

Individual: Perfect for retirees, those new to the Goddard area, or anyone else who has a personal interest in the goings-on of the Goddard business community. Individual members are invited to all events hosted by the Goddard Chamber and will be kept in the loop via all Goddard Chamber communications. (Annual price: $30)


To join the Chamber of Commerce, please complete the registration form at DocumentCenter/View/365. 
Please pay membership fees via the PayPal link below:
Membership level

Membership Level Comparison Chart

Individual $30 Ministry $75 Basic $150 Silver $500 Gold $1000 Platinum 
Share all posts via Chamber social media outlets (upon request) X X X X X  X
Invitation to ALL Chamber events X X X X X X
Receive Monthly Electronic Newsletter X X X X X  X
Business referrals from the Chamber
Chamber website business directory listing with name, address, phone #
2-5 Chamber board members at up to 2 selected ribbon cuttings, open houses or other events each year (request should be submitted to chamber director at least 2 weeks prior)
1 1 2 2 2
Member's information, offers, gift certificates, etc. shared at special events & placed in residence packets
A window decal or other material to advertise your membership
A chamber membership logo for your website

Host quarterly evening mixers at your business location (if nobody at these levels is able to host then the opportunity will be offered to lower level members based on participation)

X X X  X
Your logo, web link and email address added with your business directory on Chamber web site

Posts about your business on our social media pages (businesses will plan posts with Executive Director)

X X  X
Free tickets to the Annual Mixer

2 4 8*
Access to special advertising and offers

X** X** X**
Featured business section on the Chamber's electronic newsletter

Business logo on materials at all Chamber-sponsored events (Annual Mixer, 4th of July, National Night Out, Fall Festival, Exposure)

50% off Chamber event sponsorships (up to $250/year, excluding sponsorships included with membership)

First opportunity for presentations throughout the year at meetings (5 minutes at meetings or longer at mixers)

 Entertainment Sponsor at Fall Festival (value $500)           X
Promotional Sponsor at National Night Out (value $100)           X
Promotional Sponsor at Exposure (value $100)           X
 Promotional Sponsor at Independence Day (value $100)           X
 * Table sponsorship at 8 tickets ($250) built in. Business could upgrade to the premiere sponsorship for $100
 ** See quarterly e-mails for offers