Zoning Process

General Information

An applicant is encouraged to schedule a Pre-Application Conference with the Zoning Administrator prior to submitting a formal zoning application. The process for a zoning change is much the same as the platting process.

A Zoning Application must be completed by the applicant and submitted to the City Administration. All applications must be accompanied by the required documents and fee. Zoning changes typically require more review time than plats so the meeting schedule for a zoning case may vary from the schedule.

Zoning Districts

Zoning districts established by the City of Goddard according to the Zoning Regulations, Article IV, and Section 100 are as follows:
Abbreviated Designation Zoning
R-1 Single Family Residential
R-1A Single Family Residential (1200 Ft)
R-1B Single Family Residential (1500 Ft)
R-2 Two Family Residential
R-3 Multi-Family Residential
C-1 Central Business District
C-2 General Business District
I-1 Industrial District

Zoning Application Attachments

All zoning requests require the approval of a Site Plan. All applications must include the following items:
  • Six copies of all plans, elevations, etc.
  • Six copies of the application form and 8-1/2" X 11" reductions of the drawings
  • Six copies of the Development Schedule, Preliminary Service Plan and Draft Development Agreement
  • Two copies of the geo-technical report
For further information regarding rezoning in the City of Goddard, please refer to the Goddard Zoning and Subdivision Regulations.