Vacant Structures

The property owner is responsible to maintain their yards free from garbage or filth (8-605).

Duties of Occupant or Owner of Building & Premises

The duty of occupant or owner of occupied or unoccupied building and its premises or vacant premises:
  • It shall be the duty of the owner of every occupied or unoccupied dwelling, building and premises or vacant premise, including all yards, lawns and courts to keep such property clean and free from any accumulation of filth, rubbish, garbage, or any similar matter as covered by sections 8-608:609.
  • It shall be the duty of each occupant of a dwelling unit to keep in clean condition the portion of the property which he or she occupies and of which he or she has exclusive control, to comply with the rules and regulations, to place all garbage and refuse in proper containers. Where care of the premise is not the responsibility of the occupant then the owner is responsible for violations of this code applicable to the premise.
  • If receptacles are not provided by the owner, then the occupant shall provide receptacles as may be necessary to contain all garbage and trash.
  • Every occupant of a dwelling containing a single dwelling unit shall be responsible for the extermination of any insects, rodents or other pests therein or on the premises; and every occupant of a dwelling unit in a dwelling containing more than one dwelling unit shall be responsible for such extermination whenever his or her dwelling unit is the unit primarily infested.
  • Notwithstanding, the foregoing provisions of this section, whenever infestation is caused by failure of the owner to maintain a dwelling in a vermin proof or reasonably insect-proof condition, extermination shall be the responsibility of the owner and operator.
  • Whenever infestation exists in two or more of the dwelling units in any dwelling, or in the shared or public parts of any dwelling containing two or more dwelling units, extermination thereof shall be the responsibility of the owner.