Determine Blight

The Code Enforcement Officer may determine if a property is considered blighted. The officers make the decision based off of unsightly materials, and violations of city regulations. A group of five citizens may petition to have a property considered blighted.

Designation of Blighted Premises (Residential & Nonresidential)

The designation of unsightly and blighted premises and elimination thereof shall be carried out in compliance with the following requirements. The Public Officer may determine, or five citizens may petition in writing, that if the appearance of a premise is not commensurate with the character of the properties in the neighborhood or otherwise constitutes a blight to the adjoining property or the neighborhood or the city for such reasons as, but not limited to:
  • Dead trees or other unsightly natural growth.
  • Unsightly stored or parked material, equipment, supplies, machinery, trucks or automobiles or parts thereof; vermin infestation, inadequate drainage.
  • Violation of any other law or regulations relating to the use of land and the use and occupancy of the buildings and improvements.
  • Notice of Violation - Procedures as outlined in section 8-612 are applicable.