City Administrator



Office Phone: 316-794-2441

Mobile Phone: 316-832-8909


About Craig
Craig R. Crossette, CPM MPA is a 2016 graduate of Fort Hays State University (FHSU) where he studied political science, public administration, and legal studies. He obtained his master's in public administration from the prestigious Hugo Wall School of Public Affairs in 2018, where he studied City/County Management and Nonprofit Management. He is also a credentialed Certified Public Manager (CPM) through Kansas University's Public Management Center.  While obtaining his MPA, he was employed as a local government consultant/project coordinator with the Public Policy and Management Center at Wichita State University.
Craig's experiences include managing a full-service community (Sterling, KS and Goddard, KS) with award winning educational institutions, launching new residential subdivisions, managing public infrastructure capital projects, and sound financial management. His grant writing skills have allowed the cities he serves to stretch their neighbor’s hard earned tax dollars a bit further! In Sterling, he acquired over $2.5 million in competitive grant funding for capital projects. He led projects that doubled the capacity to serve electricity to the community with the Electric Substation project, rehabilitated large sections of their water system, solved intergenerational waste-water challenges, and constructed brand new roads to serve their anchor institutions and residential developments. He also led the construction of a brand-new EMS facility to ensure reliable emergency healthcare service for decades to come! He is most proud of leading the creation of over 50 new places for families to live in Sterling, whereas their active residential developments will house over 500 new families in the years to come. Community development is one of his greater skillsets, one of which he acquired during his first stint in Goddard (2017-2019) where the leadership team launched several new residential subdivisions as well as the Goddard Sports Complex.
Craig finds value in providing opportunity to the next generation through enhancing educational experiences. In his spare time, Craig serves as an Adjunct Instructor for FHSU's Political Science Department where he teaches courses in state and local government, public policy, and intro to public administration. In Goddard and Sterling, the schools are the largest employers and economic drivers. These are award winning institutions, and many families move to the communities so their children can attend these schools. It has been a priority to collaborate on capital projects and events. This was achieved to great success in Sterling, and it’s because we believe we are better together. In Goddard, he will continue championing the relationship between the City and the school district. Craig is currently working closely with the Goddard Chamber as it's Ex-Officio to help advance its mission of connecting business and community. Craig's largest priorities as he begins serving as Goddard's City Administrator include securing our community's water resources, managing our rapid growth through public infrastructure improvements, recruiting fast casual or better restaurants, building the North Park, and building trust with our neighbors through grassroots engagement efforts. 
Craig met his wife Samantha during his time serving as Sterling's City Manager where Samantha attended Sterling College and played on their historically elite women's basketball team. Samantha is an elementary school teacher, however, she is taking time away from work to lead the home and look after their first child, 8-month-old baby boy Callan Ridge. They are very excited to be back home where most of their friends and family are located. In his free time, Craig likes to hunt, fish, camp at the lake, and watch sports. He is a die-hard Wichita State Basketball fan! 
Craig would love the opportunity to get to know you better and hear any concerns you may have about the community or city operations. Please set up an appointment by reaching via email or telephone, contact above.


The City Administrator directs and coordinates the general administration of the City government. The operations of each department are monitored to assure compliance with policies and legislation established by the City Council. Responsibilities include the preparation and submittal of the annual budget, advising the Governing Body on the financial condition and needs of the City and supervision of all City employees.


In addition to the day-to-day management of the City government, the City Administrator is responsible for budget administration, Capital Improvement Program preparation, personnel, community and economic development, and other projects and activities as assigned by the Governing Body.

In addition, the Administrator initiates and/or reviews various actions, studies, evaluations, and proposals, determining organizational response and commitment of City resources; and conducts staff meetings, training, evaluations and consultation studies; and responds to inquiries about City Government and meets with citizens.


  • Encourage and promote opportunities for citizenship.
  • Provide and communicate quality customer service.
  • Build a strong team of citizens, elected officials, and staff.
  • Anticipate future service demands and resource deficiencies and be proactive in addressing these items.
  • Develop a visually appealing and culturally strong community.
  • Commit to a strong financial position.
  • Provide excellent and equitable public services that are responsive to the community with available resources.
  • Support opportunities that promote sustainable growth, expand and diversify Goddard's economic base.