City Administrator


The City Administrator directs and coordinates the general administration of the City government. The operations of each department are monitored to assure compliance with policies and legislation established by the City Council. Responsibilities include the preparation and submittal of the annual budget, advising the Governing Body on the financial condition and needs of the City and supervision of all City employees.


In addition to the day-to-day management of the City government, the City Administrator is responsible for budget administration, Capital Improvement Program preparation, personnel, community and economic development, and other projects and activities as assigned by the Governing Body.

In addition, the Administrator initiates and/or reviews various actions, studies, evaluations, and proposals, determining organizational response and commitment of City resources; and conducts staff meetings, training, evaluations and consultation studies; and responds to inquiries about City Government and meets with citizens.


  • Encourage and promote opportunities for citizenship.
  • Provide and communicate quality customer service.
  • Build a strong team of citizens, elected officials, and staff.
  • Anticipate future service demands and resource deficiencies and be proactive in addressing these items.
  • Develop a visually appealing and culturally strong community.
  • Commit to a strong financial position.
  • Provide excellent and equitable public services that are responsive to the community with available resources.
  • Support opportunities that promote sustainable growth, expand and diversify Goddard's economic base.