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Building Permits

Building Permits

The City of Goddard requires building permits for the following:
  • You are re-siding
  • You are re-roofing
  • You are adding electrical circuits
  • You are remodeling or adding on to your home
  • You are replacing a furnace or water heater
  • You are putting in a daylight window
  • You are finishing your basement
  • You are putting in a sprinkler system
  • You are putting in a pool
  • You are adding a deck
  • You are covering or enclosing a porch or patio
  • You are putting a storage building or attached/detached garage on your property
  • You are building a fence
  • You rent, lease or buy an existing building and you are putting in a new business

Apply for building/zoning permits at Goddard City Hall, 118 N. Main, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  If a contractor is involved, they should obtain the permit.

Before you apply for your permit, be sure to have the following information:

  • Property address;
  • A drawing of the site plan indicating the location of:
    • All existing structures and proposed structures
    • The percentage of lot coverage by existing and proposed structures
    • Required building setbacks & utility and drainage easements
    • Location of utilities serving structures on the lot (gas, electric & sewer- call 8-1-1)

Click here to download permit and application forms

PERMIT FEES are established by Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department (MABCD).

INSPECTIONS are required on all type of permits. Contact MABCD to schedule an inspection for all permits except a sewer tap inspection at 316-660-1840.

For a sewer tap inspection call Goddard Maintenance at  316-794-3800.

CONTRACTORS are required to be licensed in Sedgwick County in order to work in the City of Goddard.

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